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Benefits in using Abdul Aziz Mangal MSP

Many of us are working abroad far away from our families and loved ones. Many of us also have businesses that cater to clients who are far away.

Of course, a safe way to send money to the Afghanistan for our loves who needs it to be sent the most. Solution? Abdul Aziz Mangal MSP .

There are a lot of entities that offer local and international online money transfers when sending money to the Afghanistan.

Banks usually comes first in our mind when it comes to money matters, but nowadays, there are a lot of money transfer companies worldwide.

In the malls, in the city, in the market place, you often see different companies with posters and fliers about servicing online money transfers.

All of them, including the banks have one thing in common – send money online locally or internationally for business transactions or to your friends or family.

So whenever we need to send money to the Afghanistan, we must always consider if it’s safe? Is it accurate? Is it cost-effective? when choosing a remittance company in sending money to the Afghanistan.

Also, consider the following steps to have a safe online money transfer when sending money to the Afghanistan:

  • 1. If the company/entity you choose send money online and have a login option where you enter your personal details, you should have a RELIABLE INTERNET CONNECTION. Do not use a public computer to do online money transfers. Do online money transfer only from your home or your office computer to which ONLY YOU have access.

  • 2. BE AWARE OF FRAUD- this is something that we all should consider. We should always be aware that there are a lot of people thinking of ways to take money from you. Especially thru the Internet, there are a lot of ways to scam out an individual by getting their trust and then their money.