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Our Services

Our services include a range of financial services. We are a financial services provider geared towards providing our customers with money transfer to Afghanistan. We want to give the best competitive rates to our customers with convenience with our state of the earth technology.

We will be providing different interactive forums where our customers can share ideas on wealth creation, savings and personal financial management.

We will also provide other services such as mortgage brokering and accounts opening for customers who want to own properties, save their monies and investments in the Afghanistan .

We will also be providing services to customers enabling them to sent and save money directly to their accounts in any bank in the Afghanistan directly without involving any third party.

We are also looking at a range of other services which will all be available in the nearest future.

Provide unique financial and investment advice to our customers.

Bright Ideas

ABDUL AZIZ MANGAL MSP welcomes bright ideas from our customers and the general puplic as a wayof increasing and improving our services for our customers. To encourage more innovative thinking, we are paying £250 any any bright idea that we like and implement in our business and this is not limited to people in the UK, its available for anyone in any part of the world.

We will transfer the funds less the charge of sending to any winners in any part of the world. Dont wait anymore as your idea can earn you good money.

We thank you.
The AAM Team

Why Us

We hate to beat our own drum, but ABDUL AZIZ MANGAL MSP provides a service to Afghanistan all over the world connecting them with their loved ones. We originate and complete transactions from the United Kingdom to the Afghanistan. With the help of a technologically driven service we offer our clients that peace of mind,with a customer service experience like no other.
There are great benefits to using ABDUL AZIZ MANGAL MSP for your transfers, here are just a few of them:-

Great rates

Our exchange rates are ultra competitive. Our extensive agent network and partnerships over many countries allow us to be the market leader in the currency market.

No Hidden Costs

There are no clearance charges and NO hidden commission. Your beneficiary gets the exact value agreed with your dealer.


Once we have cleared funds and all necessary documentation for transfer, your funds will generally reach your beneficiary instant or overseas account within 72 hours, and no longer than 3 business days. However, all our customers know that doing business in Afghanistan can be a challenge. Electricity cuts, RTGS malfunctions, among other things can cause a delay in your transfer reflecting in your beneficiarys account. Whenever we anticipate a delay, a bulletin will be posted on our website to advise our customers.

Easy System

Our online system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can transfer your funds from the comfort of your own home. You can also check the status of your transfer from wherever you are in the world, and also view a complete history of all pending and complete transactions.

Safe & Secure

Our system is built to the highest standards so you can have peace of mind that your money is in good hands. Our Money Transfer business is also fully registered as a Money Service Business with DA BANK OF AFGHANISTAN in the AFGHANISTNA and the FinTRACA.

Unrivalled Customer Service

We have a dedicated team ready to provide you with a customer service experience matched by no other in the market. Give us a try; we reckon you will be pleasantly surprised.

Management Team

ABDUL AZIZ MANGAL MSP is run by a team consisting of suitably qualified and experienced individuals with a good understanding of the forex market and a broad spectrum of experience in financial services.The management team draws on diverse backgrounds and expertise to provide clients with a blend of financial skills and knowledge of business and risks, thus allowing the company to deliver quality services to its clients. As a client, you can benefit from the wealth of knowledge from our team.In addition to our commitment to quality research, our team believes in a personalized service which allows us to deliver a world-class service to our customers all over the world.

Current Rates

We believe in passing on great rates to our customers. Very few dealers have the critical mass we have, we originate and complete our own transactions. If you can find a rate higher than ours and we confirm it, we promise to better it. So go on, give us a call.Our records show that thousands of our customers all over the world visit this particular page on a daily basis to look at the current rates, making this one of the most viewed pages on our website. We won' t let you down, besides our competitive rates, we will also inform you on how other markets are doing, just so you can stay ahead of the game.

* Transfers reflects the rate applied to receive AFN OR USD in Afghanistan. Payments in Afghanistan are made in AFN OR USD only.

* Transfers are INSTANT but take 72hr to reach recipient account for bank transfers. Transactions to a recipient with a CABS account reflect the same day. If you intend to send more 1000 or above contact our team of dealers for a special quote or email us.

ABDUL AZIZ MANGAL MSP rates on this website are shown on an indicative basis only and may be subject to change without notice. Firm rates can be acquired from our team of dealers on the numbers provided. ABDUL AZIZ MANGAL MSP is a registered Money Service Business in the Afghanistan.